Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tropical Storms, Tourists, and Roses

We went down to Long Sands Beach this morning to survey the aftermath of Tropical Storm Hanna. She dropped six inches of rain on us but there was no wind, and no damage.

The sea was still angry though.
Lots of people had the same idea and were everywhere with their coffee and cameras.

We stopped at the General Store on the beach for coffee and bagels and drove up the Nubble to enjoy the view and eat our breakfast in the sun.

Driving around is getting easier now that the tourists are leaving. The grocery store is not quite as crowded and fewer people are shopping for dinner in their bathing suits -
a dead give-away that you are from 'away'.
I know a woman in the tourist business down the coast a little bit. Every year, she says,

"God gives us tourists. But he also gives us September."

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