Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Singing with a full voice

Watching the moon at dawn
I knew myself completely
No part left out.

This image is a page from my first altered book. I worked on it last summer when lack of energy and focus kept me from doing so many things. This project was perfect. It allowed me to play in a new medium, with tiny bits and pieces at a time. It had no heavy lifting. It offered lots of scope for the imagination. It was a very forgiving project.

In October, I entered the completed altered book which I called, "Singing with a full voice" in a small art show; it was on display until January '07. And to my delight, when it came home, there was clear evidence that the book had been read and enjoyed by lots of visitors to the show.

"Last night it did not seem
as tho' today it would be raining."

In preparing this page,
I collaged antique lace
Glued over it and into every little crevice
Painted may layers over the glue
Cut shapes
Created a unique & entirely new surface ~
No longer delicate lace but