Saturday, September 6, 2008

Motif #1 . . . Redux

On Monday Larry and I drove south to Massachusetts' South Shore. We had a hotel reservation in Nantaskett Beach, just 20 miles south of Boston. We also had tickets to see Garrison Keilor's last show on his 2008 Rhubarb Tour at the South Shore Music Tent in Cohassett. It was an easy drive down and a promise of two lazy days at the shore. We arrived at high noon in time for high tide and a picnic of lobster sandwiches and iced tea on the rocks; we spent the afternoon reading and swimming. Pleasantly, the water temp was about 7 or 8 degrees warmer than we have been used to in Maine.

On the way home from Nantaskett, we drove up the North Shore and around Cape Ann.

The fish shack above is affectionaly known as "Motif #1"; its located in Rockport and has been a focal point for artists for decades.
In Nantaskett Beach there once was an amusement park called Paragon Park. It was popular and enjoyed by families for generations. It's gone now: all that is left is the carrousel house shown above with its gay horses, bright lights and music
On the drive home, we lingered a while in Rockport. Got seduced by an estate sale, met a charming couple and bought some of their books. We enjoyed walking around the port, window shopping, and having dinner in the "Fish Shack". Above is the view from our table at the where we lustily enjoyed chowder and steamers. Sooooo good.
This lovely little cottage is called, Gull Cottage; it's view gives on Boston Harbor and the skyline of the capitol city. Oh I envied the owners their little house with its arbor and garden and view.

Hull has an urban beach. It's a fishing town. And a tourist center that has known economic ups and downs over the years.

The public high school is across from the commercial fishing pier where you will also find people sport fishing, kids crabbing and daring one another to jump into the cold Atlantic.

All with a backdrop of hi-tech windmills.
Although many do, we did not find them at all objectionable.

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