Monday, September 8, 2008

Being Taken By Storm, Tropical and Political

Hanna was down-graded to
tropical storm status on Saturday.
She dropped a total of 6 inches
on the coast but there was no wind,
and so little damage was done.
But by late Sunday afternoon,
after a bright, calm, dry day,
the sea still looked angry.
Political Storms
Last week and the one before, I felt compelled to watch the DNC and RNC. There was a lot to recommend the DNC: Barack, Michelle, Bill and Hillary. I enjoyed the pomp and circumstance of the DNC and the way that it didn't "look" like every other convention since time immemorial. So, every night that week saw me before the television until 11 o'clock or later. Unbelievable: I don't watch TV more than half a dozen times in a year!
I want to be a True Believer. I want to think that Barack Obama is the new incarnation of Camelot. That he can inspire hope and generosity.

Then I got seduced by the RNC. Decidedly NOT by their politics. Not by their platforms either. No, it was my base curiousity about the governor from Alaska and her first Dude.
By the time, SHE came on we already knew WAY to much about her and her family.
I'm big-hearted. I will give HER this: her presentation was more than credible. I didn't say I bought the farm over HER content but HER delivery was a great surprise (to me).

Do I feel ashamed of lower instincts. No, I mean really, that is what the republicans are playing to......
Out of the Mouths of Babes
My nephew is 29 months old. When his mom asks, "who will be the next president?", he says, clearly, "O-BAM-A!"
And From Other Mouths
My local daily ran a political cartoon on the editorial page this morning. It depicted Bill Clinton reading the newspaper and the cut-line read: "But I wanted to be the First Dude!"

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