Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Self-styled One Woman's Ad Hoc Poll

On Wednesday, we drove up to Lebanon New Hampshire from our home in York Maine. I had an appointment with Dr. Bengston, my hem/onc at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center early on the following morning. We made a pleasant and restful stop at Lake Masabesic on the outskirts of Manchester for a picnic lunch.

Larry had ordered a surprise gift of an OBAMA '08 t-shirt for me. It came in the Tuesday mail and I decided to wear it with a pair of jeans on our car trip across New Hampshire which was planned to be a pokey, relaxing kind of day.

We stopped at C'est Cheese on Route 1 in North Hampton to add a treat to our picnic. The clerk looked at my shirt, smiled and made affirmative comments. I smiled back.

Later, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts and the clerk who fixed my coffee added his big broad smile and nice friendly comments to those made at the cheese store.

Further along the journey, we stopped at King Arther Bakery, Shop and School in Norwich Vermont just a few miles beyond Lebanon. While checking out with our purchases, I received a response similar to the earlier ones: big smile, friendly words. Nothing too overtly political for the workplace but simpatico words of affirmation.

We began to feel quite good about all these people and their political leanings.

In White River Junction, Vermont we had a hotel reservation at the Comfort Inn. It's quite close to the hospital, has a nice solar-heated pool, and is nearby AJ's Steakhouse, a favorite restaurant. Checking in was uneventful but we entered the elevator with a man who was traveling solo. He began a tirade, an anti-Obama tirade, as we entered the elevator, for the entire ride up to the third floor, through the elevator door and into the corridor. The gist of his gripe against Obama and the dems is the usual. I won't repeat it, you already know it.

But I would say that my poll is running 3 to 1 in favor.

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