Monday, November 12, 2007

I'll Be Seeing You

July 22, 1945
I am on my way back to camp. I'm almost there . . . . . I've been in (this) place for two days . . . . getting lots of rest and good food.
How are you, darling . . . . And Patty?
As for me, I am in the best of health.
I haven't heard anything about going home but it won't be too long now, I hope.
Write often, darling.
I love you with all my heart.
And hope to see you soon.

Love and Kisses, Bob

Give Patty a big kiss for me.

I love you, Dot.

Below the body of this short letter is the admonition to:


They were so young, those WWII warriors. He was only 24 when he wrote this letter. They were married in 1942 but there wasn't much time for them to be together, to know each other. The war was on; he was married in his uniform.

My father and his two brothers, Norman and Richard, fought the 'good war'. His father, Noe Pierre, was a casualty of WWI and spent most of his adult life in and out of veteran's hospitals suffering the effects of mustard gas. Noe was a staunch advocate for returning soldiers of the WWII and worked tirelessly for them when he was able. He died when I was ten but I have such clear memories of him in the lead automobile heading up the Memorial Day Parade in our Massachusetts town. Military and patriotism were important themes in his household.

During the war years, my mother and I lived with my paternal grandparents. I was the first grandchild and doted on and probably spoiled by my mother, grandparents and youngest uncle, Richard, who was still at home when I was born. I'm told that he would gather me into his arms, take me into his bedroom, prop me on pillows and tell all about his latest 'girl' and his date for the evening.

I recall a room that functioned as an office for my grandfather with a large desk and world globe. My mother said that he also had a large map of the world over his desk on which he plotted the advance of the allied forces. He had a bald, shiney head and I loved the way it smelled. I never smelled that fragrance again.

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Lovely Art Goddess said...

This is a beautiful journal. I hope you don't mind my reading it. I followed a link from your comment on my studio blog.

Blessings to you!