Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Behcet's can be lonely place

I don't know one single person who shares this malady.

In fact, its prevalence in the US is about 1 in half a million people.

Tonight, however, I joined an internet 'chat' in-progress, for people with BD and very quickly felt affirmed and less lonely.

In truth, there were less than 10 people involved in the 'chat' but those ten represented an amazing geography: one participant is from Greece; the moderator is from Northern Ireland; and several others are from the New York, Virginia, New Jersey and I think Wisconsin; and there were a few others whose location I didn't learn.

'Chat' participants were warm and welcoming. Not unlike what I have come to expect from the CLL Forum and CLLC Friends: generous, friendly, encouraging, intelligent.

One of the interesting aspects of the nearly 2-hour online event was the voluntary translation going on. A woman from New Jersey was translating from English to Greek and Greek to English for the gentleman from Greece.

This was not her job. She is one who shares Behcet's and I feel certain she joined the 'chat' for her own personal reason.

Yet it was just done.

Because it was needed.

Because she was there and had the skills.

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Carlixa said...


Sorry for my English, I'm from Portugal and i have beh├žet since i was 15 (now I’m 28). I understand what you felt, in the beginning i was very alone but in the last years i created a blog and i am trying to create an association to help people like us. We developed some groups on-line in yahoo groups and in hi5.

It is important to chare the experiences and to talk whit people that understand what is this problem.

I knew many people, all with different stories and experiences. If you need any thing, some information, or talk with someone in the other side of the world send me an e-mail 

Best regards