Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Good Samaratin? I guess it depends on your perspective

Strange weather in New Hampshire. The the northern tier -- what we call the 'North Country', is under a flood watch this evening. But a "heavy snow" warning begins for them at 4 AM through to 9 PM on Friday. Such is the diverse beauty of New England.

On the coast today, it was dark and gloomy with frequent and periodic heavy rain most of the day. Temperatures hovered close to the 60 degree mark -- a little warm for the season.

I had a salon appointment after work and arrived just in time for another burst of hard rains. Parking as close to the door as possible, I opened my umbrella and made for the door.

A young mom was walking toward me from the mall pushing a carriage with a toddler. She had no cover from the rain.

I offered to cover her with my umbrella and stay with her as she walked to her automobile.

A pretty ordinary scenario? Don't you think?

Well, the young woman only reluctantly allowed my assistance. I was prepared to stay with her and cover the child while she opened the doors and lifted the child into the car. But I was quite summarily dismissed. And I realized only later as I walked away that she was suspicious of the assistance.

So I wondered: what must your life be like if you cannot trust a 5 foot, 63 year old grandmother, who looks like this:

Oh. You caught me. I wasn't wearing my crown.

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