Monday, November 5, 2007

Hormonal Imbalance

We got tickets for the Four Bitchin Babes this Saturday evening at the Music Hall in Portsmouth -- a show we really looked forward to as we hadn't seen them for a few years. Their new show called, Hormonal Imbalance, was a near-sell-out. By the time we decided to go there were only great single seats left. We took the singles reasoning that after 20+ years we could actually be apart that long.
Hurrican Noel was rushing up the east coast from North Carolina on its way to the Canadien Maritimes. Reports and storm warnings called for all-day rain, high winds and rough seas. It was a blustery night but by the time we were leaving for the show, the storm had been down-graded to a tropical storm (another indication of global warming? seems late for us to be getting a tropical storm!)

I felt it was a great night to curl up with a book and a cup of tea rather than brave the wind and rain from parking garage to Music Hall. But we had already paid for the tickets; we went to the show which was, indeed, a full house with a pleasantly appreciative audience (mainly women).

This foursome is not the original Four Babes; only Sally Fingerett (upper left in the photo) was an original Babe with Christine Lavin, Patty Larkin -- and one other, whose name escapes me at the moment. But these four babes can sing. And write. They are called 'cross-over folk' artists. Their harmony is supreme. They give funny, poignant, heartfelt, high-energy performances.
The Babes gave a nice nod to the men in the audience giving them lots of kudos for bravery! It was a female, night-out for sure.
Their patter and their tunes really poked fun at female angst. One of my favorites was, The Boob Fairy Didn't Come For Me, and poked fun at women who are never satisfied with their hair, face, hips, legs, butts, lips, ears, and-you-name-it-we-probably-hate-it!
Another tune that brought the house down was based on 30,000 pounds of bananas -- but the truck driver in this tune was carrying 30,000 pounds of VIAGRA -- which, on impact, got into the town water supply.
These Babes are on tour together and individually.
I enjoyed the foursome; I would hear each one on her own as well.
Check them out here. You can play their video and listen to tracks from the show's CD.

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