Monday, October 6, 2008

Things, Stuff and Clutter - Part 3

“Simplicity is the examined life richly lived.
It is asking ourselves what’s important, what matters.
We all think that someday we’ll start living
But few of us feel fully alive.”
Cecile Andrews

Today, as I continue to pursue the 100 things challenge, I am creating a value-based list of MUST-HAVE things to identify what is MOST important to me in my life of things.

I don't expect this list to add up to 100 because these are among my most favorite possessions and are things I really want to have in my life. Not because they are essential to every-day-living but because they touch my heart or my soul in different ways.

In this go-round, I am not counting furniture or books or tableware; I am counting collections as one thing.

Clothes, shoes, boots and accessories
Winter boots (3); my shoe size is only a 5; shoes and boots are difficult to find. These, I keep, until they are no longer wearable
Silk and wool jacket (1); Not new, made in a sewing loft in Greenwich Village by an older gentleman who created only a few each year, but surely loved for the last 15 years
Hand-loomed woolen shawl (1) in the various colors of autumn that I have owned for about 30 years and is still pristine in every way

Crafts, Sewing
Sewing machines (2); the Featherweight and the Pfaff, of course
Japanese imported fabric
African imported fabric

Art Pottery Platter (1) from artstream that Larry bought for me last year
Japanese Pottery (5) a tea pot, winter tea bowls, summer tea bowls from St. Andrew's By the Sea, Canada; the potter, Tom Smith, has been awarded honors by the Japanese for faithfulness to Japanese traditions
Seattle Pottery (6) gifts from Stephen and Joanne, one large spaghetti serving bowl, one small serving bowl, 2 large mugs and three fish serving platters, all in various shades of green with some grey tones

Dolls, Yes Dolls!
Molly Doll (1);
Yes, I have an American Girl doll gifted to me by Amy and Victoria a few Christmases ago
P.E.I. Soldier Doll (1); Canadian; doll Larry bought for me with hand-made costume
Quilts, Antique (1) circa 1810 of French imported fabric called pillar fabric but probably made in Maine
Quilts, made by me (3)
small mariner's compass, wallhanging
bedsize, hand-sewn, Monkey Wrench with an Attitude
the Egglady, wallhanging

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