Friday, October 24, 2008

I want to believe again

I have been troubled by the comparisons made between Sarah and Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and John Kennedy saying that they too were regarded as 'inexperienced' for the presidency.

How does one make the leap from Sarah to these men? A Rhodes Scholar? One devoted decades to the political process? Serious-thinkers? Well-educated and well-read? Intellectuals?

I am sorely troubled by the idea that John McCain will win the presidency. But more, I am distressed, frightened by the thought that Sarah Palin might succeed him. A woman who told Katie Couric that she didn't need to ponder the call to be McCain's running mate ~~ she knew immediately that the answer was, "yes". A woman who does not like to spend time focusing on issues ~~ her style is 'give me the essence and I'll run with it. A woman with whom he had spent a total of 3 hours in conversation. A woman he hadn't met face-to-face until he made the 'ask'.

I am troubled that his decision-making style, as evidenced by his VP pick, is exactly wrong for the times. For the problems we face as a nation.

I am troubled that he is throwing old, tired and worn-out platitudes and ideas at entirely new and complex problems.

I am troubled when I see and hear words and actions that divide us.

I believe . . . that what we need now is someone to lift us us the way out of this maze of internal, domestic, and international problems.

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