Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I N F J People

I was reading the CLL Forum this evening and was intrigued by one of the posts. It was a link to a self-administered an on-line personality test not unlike the Myers-Briggs based in Jungian theory. Several of the members had taken the test and reported their results.
Once, a long time ago, in a professional team-building setting, I was given the test and then promptly forgot the results. Ever since I have been slightly envious of those folks who blithely recite their profile.
The results of tonight's test are: Introvert. Intuitive. Feeler. Judger (INFj)

Life as an Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger
People of this type tend to be:

creative, original, and independent;
thoughtful, warm, and sensitive;
global thinkers with great passion for their unique vision;
cautious, deliberate, and planful;
organized, productive, and decisive;
reserved and polite.
I have no idea whether and how much the results of a Myers-Briggs test can change over time and if these results are anything like the previous ones.
I found the following at

"The most important thing to INFJs is their ideas, and being faithful to their vision.
According to this type, Introverted Intuition with Feeling, the direction of my energy is 'internal'; I suposedly put a premium on information from the 'internal' or imaginative world; I tend to make decisions based on emotions; and I organize life events and act according to plans.
More mundane analyses of this type of personality include, among other things:
* not good with money
* dislikes conflict and criticism
* has high expectations of herself and others
* is a perfectionist.

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