Sunday, December 28, 2008

Be Yourself .... Everyone Else is Taken

"Many of us are living out the un-lived lives of our mothers...." (Gloria Steinem).
My mom, Doris is 85; youngest sister, Michelle, 46 and me in the middle, 64. My mom was raised in the Great Depression and married at 19; she got her GED at age 75. She raised 6 children: 4 have master's degrees; 1 is an artist; 1 is a writer; 3 are teachers; 1 is a self-employed musician/caterer.
I have been a human services administrator -- cum fiber and fabric craftswoman.
"When you age you become wiser in so many ways .... Experience has shown you the potential of the human spirit." (Coretta Scott King). Wiser, yes, and more patient. More focused and less flighty as told by Caroline Myss the medical intuit. More confident; I am more sure of what I want in my life and what gives me joy.

"Expected the unexpected ~~~ life is never what you think it is going to be." ( Kathleen Kenyon). Larry and I found one another in our 30s; lost one another in our 40s. But the real end of the story is that we reclaimed what we had lost. Our lives changed again when his dad came to live with us.....and once again when I got sick in 2006. We role with the punches and accept was life gives us......

"The important things is to try and enjoy life . . . If you wake up in the morning and you a have a choice between doing the laundry and taking a walk in the park, go for the walk."
(Christine Lee)

Just DO it! Don't hesitate. Don't wait.

Be yourself.
If you have a talent,
don't neglect it."

(Andree Ruellan

"I couldn't live without heroes ......."
( Mimi Weddell)

I seek out mentors ~~
I look for heroes and heroines
and sometimes I've been disappointed.
But I keep on looking . . . . . .

"The happiest people I know are simply
those who are cheerful ....."

(Helen Gurley Brown)
Oscar Wilde


Michelle J said...

This is a great post Pat!!

I love all the quotes and photos too!!

Your a great lady!! Very understanding and smart!! You seem to have a keen sense of what life should be and you live it!!

That is so great!!

Be well and keep in real in 09!!!

Pat said...

And I wish you the very same. You deserve to have all the best and everything you want in the new year.

Thank you for your nice words about the post. I like it when a small idea, a little nugget of a thought becomes a playful and compelling-to-write posting.